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Infosheet: Belgian Shigella Outbreak Linked to Cafeteria Worker

Food Safety Infosheet Highlights:
– 52 shigellosis cases linked to one food handler over  a 2 month period.
– Food handlers can transmit Shigella in their poop without  even showing symptoms.
– If you’re ill with vomit, nausea or diarrhea do not handle food.
– Food handlers should wash hands before preparing food and after going to the bathroom.

Click here to download this food safety infosheet.


About Allison Smathers

Allison Smathers is a masters student at North Carolina State University studying food science with a focus in food safety. Allison’s activities outside of academia have better shaped her skills and outlook on the world of food safety. In present and future ambitions, Allison hopes to connect her skills with society needs in the field of applied food safety with the goal progressing global public health. Allison’s devotion to public service and experience help hone her passion for defeating hunger, improving agriculture practices, and ensuring good nutrition for all people. Allison anticipates careers with organizations such as the United State Agency of International Development, the Food and Agriculture Organization, and the World Food Programme.

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