Ben Chapman

Home food preservation update

Materials for May 5th, 2011 home food preservation update are below: PPT slides State Fair Guidelines Comment cards NCHFP judging guidelines USDA processing times Advertisements

North Carolina Dietetics Association annual meeting materials

Slides from my presentation at NCDA (April 19, 2011) can be found here. Topics include: burden of foodborne illness; Listeria risks for pregnant and elderly; fresh produce food safety. Download the slides here.

New professional orientation workshop materials

Slides from my presentation to new agents (April 5, 2011) can be found here. Topics include: introduction to food safety; transmission and contamination routes; food safety communication; and,  programmatic resources. Download the ppt here.

FCS Agent Food Safety Training

Food safety communication philosophy/the food safety system, Dr. Ben Chapman Regulating food businesses in NC, Matt Agle NCDA&CS Small food processing business/entrepreneurial food safety/peanut butter plant sanitation, Dr. Fletcher Arritt, FBNS Recent developments in Listeria and Campylobacter research, Dr. Sophia Kathariou, FBNS Resources for delivering food safety programs (School HACCP, home food […]