School Nutrition Association Conference, June 20, 2013

School Nutrition Association Conference, June 20, 2013 Greensboro, NC Presentation Advertisements

Food Safety Training addressing GAPs in Raleigh

Today every farm, large or small, needs to have a smart plan for ensuring food safety. “Good Agricultural Practices” or “GAP” certification is one way to put a plan in place. It has the added bonus of opening doors to markets that require GAP. But will GAP work in the small farm context? The answer […]

Collaborate Session: Adoption of FDA Model Food Code in NC

Below are supplemental material for the November 20, 2012 Collaborate session detailing changes and effective dates for new retail food service regulations in North Carolina. Summary of changes PowerPoint file from Collaborate Inspection report marking scheme Sample inspection report NC RULES GOVERNING THE FOOD PROTECTION AND SANITATION OF FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS Food Code Manual

Materials for food bank/pantry food safety workshops

Click here to download a 53-slide PowerPoint template for teaching food safety at food banks. Included in the materials are best practices and food safety infosheets.

Home food preservation update

Materials for May 5th, 2011 home food preservation update are below: PPT slides State Fair Guidelines Comment cards NCHFP judging guidelines USDA processing times

Infosheet:Over 30 ill with Clostridium perfringens at parent-teacher conference in Evanston Ill.

Food Safety Infosheet Highlights: -Outbreak traced to  catered BBQ that was held at incorrect temperatures -Food was reportedly delivered by caterer and BBQ dishes sat out at room temperature throughout the afternoon and evening. – Have the proper tools available, such as chafing dishes with a heat source, to keep the food above 135°F. Food […]

North Carolina Dietetics Association annual meeting materials

Slides from my presentation at NCDA (April 19, 2011) can be found here. Topics include: burden of foodborne illness; Listeria risks for pregnant and elderly; fresh produce food safety. Download the slides here.