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Benjamin Raymond

Benjamin Raymond
Research Assistant
Department of Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences
North Carolina State University

Interest Areas
Food Safety Education
Creating positive food safety culture
Food Product Development
Nutrition Education

Research Project
Social media provides a wealth of data that has never been so readily available in human history and is now being utilized by academia and industry alike for a variety of purposes.   Social media has the capability to disseminate knowledge of all sorts be it factual, opinion-based, utter nonsense, and everything in between. Little is known about the role of social media in creating food safety culture and educational outreach directly involving food safety advice and practices.  Benjamin and Dr. Chapman will investigate how the information available on applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. affects food safety choices and attitudes.  In addition, social media will be used to promote good food safety culture as well. Benjamin will also produce videos and other easily accessible information to aid consumers in making good food safety choices in disaster preparation and recovery as well as at farmer markets.

Ben attended the University of Vermont, where he majored in Nutrition and Food Science. This study path allowed for both food science and nutrition course work, laying a foundation for future studies in food science with a concentration on food safety. Ben has long been interested in improving the lives of others through sound nutrition and good food safety culture. While at North Carolina State University Ben will pursue a Masters degree in Food Science.


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