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Danielle Peschon

Danielle Shea Peschon
Project Youth Extension Service! Intern, Graduate Student
Department of 4-H Youth Development and Family & Consumer Sciences
North Carolina State University

Interest Areas
At Risk Youth
Foster Parenting/Adoption Education
Co-Parenting Education
Military Youth/Families
Child Care Sanitation

Research Project
The purpose of Danielle’s research is to study and analyze the decision making process parents undertake when selecting a child care center for their child/children. The research aims to determine if parents consider sanitation/cleanliness when selecting a childcare center that their child will attend. The research will be used to analyze if the parents of Wake County employ their identified values and beliefs when selecting a child care center. This is important because of the effects poor sanitation and hygiene may have on children. Children are amongst the most vulnerable population for contracting illness when environments are not sanitary. Every year, there are multiple foodborne illness and communicable illness outbreaks that are linked to childcare centers across the country. This research is important in determining if Wake County parents consider sanitation to be an important characteristic in the childcare selection process and will also help to identify which characteristics parents identify as being more important than sanitation.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Spanish  in December 2010 from North Carolina State University, Danielle moved directly into her Master of Science degree at North Carolina State University. She was accepted into the graduate program in The Department of Family Life and Youth Development. She became an intern with Project Youth Extension Service and now travels throughout the United States serving our military youth by implementing youth development programming to our “youngest heroes,” the children who have parents serving in the armed forces.  She has currently visited 21 different states throughout this internship. Danielle is also interested in parent education and sanitation within child care facilities. With Dr. Benjamin Chapman, Danielle has begun her research which will center around parents decision making process when selecting a child care facility in Wake County. Data Collection is scheduled to begin in September 2012.


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