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Materials for food bank/pantry food safety workshops

Click here to download a 53-slide PowerPoint template for teaching food safety at food banks. Included in the materials are best practices and food safety infosheets.

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Food safety resources for child care providers

Below are a few things we’ve developed and used in trainings directly to child care providers (thanks to Ellen Thomas, Allison Smathers and Audrey Kreske for developing).

The Upset Tummy Stops here (ppt presentation).

Food safety infosheets to supplement the materials:

  • Tragic Story of a Child’s Death Linked to E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak at Washington Daycare (pdf)
  • Oops, It Happened Again (pdf)
  • Stay Home if You Are Sick (pdf)
  • 31 Patrons of Bar-B-Q Center in Lexington Ill With Norovirus (pdf)
  • Ground Beef and Patties Recalled Due to Possible E. coli O157:H7 Contamination (pdf)

These materials will be supplemented by a whole bunch of new tools being developed through a project I’m working with Angie Fraser (Clemson), Sheri Cates and Kelly Wohlgenant (RTI) and Lee-Ann Jaykus (N.C. State) on which will be ready in mid-2012.

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HACCP In Your School refresher

February 10, 2012

Elluminate Session

School HACCP Refresher – presentation highlighting changes to the manual and slide set


Handwashing versus Hand sanitizer

Barfblog post

Liquid Soap Vs Hand sanitizer Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 2010pdf

CDC handwashing


Infosheet on washing chickens


Sanitation principles

Iowa State Extension – Sanitation


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Fresh produce safety for small scale intensive vegetable and fruit producers workshop

On November 12, Dr. Chris Gunter and I presented at the 26th annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference hosted by the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association. Our presentation, “Fresh produce safety for small scale intensive vegetable and fruit producers” discussed good agricultural practices (GAPs) and the opening markets project. Attendants ranged from small farmers to representatives from industry groups. At the beginning of the workshop, attendants participated in a hazard identification exercise reporting possible hazards on their farms and determining practical risk reduction strategies.

Here are the presentations.

GAPs the basics

Opening Markets

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Good agricultural practices and the Opening markets project

Below are Audrey Kreske’s slides from a guest lecture in the Advanced organic crop production class at Central Carolina Community College, Pittsboro campus. Read more at the Opening markets project website.

Here is the presentation.

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Annual Conference for Child Nutrition Administrators

Below are Ben Chapman’s slides from his presentation at the NC DPI-sponsored Annual Conference for Child Nutrition Administrators held at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel, RTP.

Hot Topics in Food Safety slides (PPT).

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Food safety in school and community gardens

Below are some resources that are available to get started in addressing food safety in school and community gardens. A best practices document and supplemental training materials will be available in the fall of 2011 (funding provided by North Carolina Recreation and Parks Association and the NC State Family & Consumer Sciences Foundation).

A Handbook for Beginning and Veteran Garden Organizers: How to Reduce Food Safety Risks

Ben Chapman’s slides from ASAP Farm to School conference (August 25, 2011)

Garden specific materials:

Food Safety in the School Garden (University of Maryland Extension)

CTAHR Good Agricultural Practices Coaching  (School gardens -University of Hawaii)

UC Davis Garden resources

General GAPs

NC Fresh Produce Safety Task Force materials

NC small farms GAPs blog

National GAPs Training material (Cornell)